Gustavo de Jesus Gaviria Rivero

Gustavo-Gaviria-Rivero_thumbBirth Date: 25.01.1949 (Other persons who has born or died in this day)
Death date: 12.08.1990 (Other persons who has born or died in this day)
Categories: Financier, Terrorist
Nationality: Colombian

Gustavo Gaviria Jesus Rivero ( Pereira , January 25 of 1949 – Medellín , August 12 of 1990 ) was a Colombian drug dealer cousin brother of Pablo Escobar and financial head of the Medellin Cartel . Responsible for exporting cocaine was the right hand of the Employer, and accompanied his criminal career since the early seventies. Owner comparable to that of his cousin fortune, was not as well known in crime circles to handle a rather low profile, not having a huge military apparatus to serve. He became the second man narco body after the death of Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha . Cayo killed in Medellín during an operation, when faced with the police shot the 12 August of 1990 . 1 At the time of his death was without bodyguards and accompanied by his family.

Officially it is said that Gaviria, who is the cousin of Pablo Escobar, head of the cartel, died when replying firearm operation intended to capture. The armed action took place at four in the afternoon in a suburb of Medellin.


Housing to the drug dealer came a detachment of specially trained elite police in the fight against narco-terrorism.

The bunker of Jesus Gustavo Gaviria had bulletproof glass, television cameras to keep a tight rein on the people who came to the place and a thick wall around the entire building. To enter the police blew up a door, but inside they were attacked with small arms. One hour after the operation started Gaviria, one of nine most wanted men died of Colombia.

Finance and terrorism

Jesus Gustavo Gaviria was 41, and, according to police, Escobar had delegated to him all financial operations and all terrorist action poster. It also says that Gaviria, known as León, murderers managed networks that serve narco-terrorism. Officially it was reported that anonymous calls made to the police allowed Medellin denude bonnet. Three months ago the state security agencies distributed millions of leaflets with photographs of the drug dealer. For information on his whereabouts offered 300 million pesos (60 million pesetas).

Gaviria’s death filled voltage again to the city of Medellin, the second largest in Colombia. Just 15 days ago the cartel announced a unilateral ceasefire, which was received by the new president César Gaviria as good news for the country. Since that day she had begun to recover slowly in the quiet city of three million inhabitants.

With the operating Saturday the military and police barracks were declared in first grade for fear of a possible retaliatory action. Fear is not in vain. Jesus Gustavo Gaviria was the closest man to Pablo Escobar.

In 1976 they were arrested near Medellin, when they had hidden in a truck tire almost 20 kilos of cocaine.They were held for three months, Gaviria, Escobar and six other men. The dead drug dealer on Saturday had also been wanted by the authorities of the United States and Spain on several occasions.