Drug lord Escobar may have worked with Nazi war criminal, according to new documentary

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A new documentary reveals how a former Nazi SS officer went to work in the drug trade in Bolivia. Klaus Barbie, who died while serving a life sentence in Europe for his war crimes was something of a fixer for drug barons.

According a report about the documentary, which is based on Barbie’s biography, Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar may have benefited from Barbie’s help.

The documentary reveals how Barbie help put dictator General Luis García Meza into power using proceeds from the cocaine trade.

The son of the deceased Bolivian drug dealer Roberto Suárez confirmed to the filmmakers that Barbie regularly met with his father in the early 80s,” the Daily Mail reported. “Barbie was also a link man for Colombian drug Lord Pablo Escobar; at the time responsible for the wholesale importation into his country of coca paste from Bolivia.”

The documentary, “My Name is Altmann – the Second Life of a War Criminal” is set to be released in September.

Barbie wouldn’t have been the only Nazi war criminal to flee to South America. Thousands went on the run to places such as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile.